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A theme of the unexpected extravagance, which only can happen in

dreams, but becomes reality through today’s imaginations: being away

from daily life and fulfilling the most spectacular dreams with an ultimate

theatrical fantasy.

A link to Hollywood stars from the roaring twenties and thirties, wearing the

most precious materials used for extreme glamorous couture outfits.

The short time span of a new glamorous identity, which is especially meant

for displaying at special events and occasions.

Creativity as an understatement of someone’s individual mood or

personalized idea.


Fluidity, extravagant, transparent, softness, colorful, over-exposure,

elegance, gloss.


Woven: all silk types, silk satins, satin stretch,

fine silk -wool blends, lace, organza, taft, gold lamé,

velvet, leather, colorful feathers, fake fur.

Knits: all kinds of fancy yarns, cashmere, kid-mohair,

wool-silk, viscose, lace, crepe yarns, ultra-fine slubs

with lamé, art deco lace, plissé jersey.


Multi-floral prints, crystalline effects, embroidery,

drape, hand-printed paintings, art deco prints, intarsia

and refined jacquards.


Colorful fake feathers, corsages, bows, belts, ruffles,

shiny satin ribbons, Swarowski, sequins.

Shapes and “must-haves”

Tight, fitted, or loose and draped, belted high waist

accents, dandy-like double breasted blazers,

dinner-jackets, front pleated shirts, narrow trousers,

wide skirts with “scissor”pleats, puffed sleeves and

balloon effects, all kind of pleated details, ¾ sleeves,

dresses, sleeveless tops, stoles.




A high fashion theme in which new ecological developments

in eco-friendly yarns and fabrics will reflect the future fashion industry.

A modern theme with an ecological statement by means of

an experimental approach to silhouettes in strong colors and

a distinctive look – playing with shapes and patterns in a modern way.

Lightweight volume shapes go together with narrow body-fit shapes.

Organic and nature are combined with high tech, as an inspiration

for outstanding effects in unusual materials, like natural moss effects

translated into structured, crinkled artificial fibers.


Ecological awareness, nature-inspired, experimental, volume,

lightweight, structured.


Woven: lambs-wool, pre-washed wools, felted and

boiled wools, wool melange, cotton, pure denims,

cotton fur, leather (cow skin), ecological and natural

together with synthetic fibers, cellophane, polyesters.

Knits: soft fluffy wools, mohair, cashmere, velvety

cashmere textures, wool-silk blends, light weight

thick yarns, velvet, chenille, fake fur, colored fleece,

soft cotton jerseys, sweat.


Tie and dye effects, big stitches, ethnic patterns,

geometric jacquards, intarsia, color-blocking , hand

dyed techniques, pleated ribs.


Big trimmings, huge buttons, zips and belts,

colorful fake feathers, degrade effects,

long fringes, tapes, natural (bamboo) buttons.

Shapes and “must-haves”

Oversized voluminous shapes mostly in knits,

loose and baggy tops together with narrow pencil

bottoms or the opposite: bulky soft skirts with

body-fitted tops.

Oversized collars, big sleeves, waist effects,

sleeveless loose fit blazers, active sportswear

items translated into street-life clothing in

updated fabrics and yarns, square sweaters,

fancy skirts, fake fur dresses and coats.



The colossal development of today’s big cities, with their overwhelming modern

architecture in contrast to the amount of nature.

The freedom of thought and action of the multicultural citizens, whose minds are

constantly busy with the overwhelming offers of an urban oasis, by bringing

nuances into their own identities in order to be successful in creative living.

Technical science, in contrast to natural ethnic crafts.

Modern sculpture and extraordinary forms – technique and science in combination

with handmade/handicraft aspects.

A new direction to simplicity and the appreciation of simpler products, even when

they are highly priced.


Modern, smart casual look, industrial high tech contra natural crafts, technical,

shiny and dull, soft and sturdy, thermal items.


Woven: wool, wool-blends, felted wool, fine merino wool,

stretch wool, flannels, fake fur, bamboo, linen.

Polyester heavy lycra, coated cottons, stretch denims,

leather, lacquer, PLA, polyesters, stretch nylons.

Knits: baby and royal alpaca, super kid mohair, cashmere,

fine merino wools.

Cotton jerseys, fleece, felted knits, padded and quilted knits,

cotton mix silks, new developments in cross-dying in order

to create different nuances, open work stitch and lace, silver

colored metals and treads.


Geometric patterns, graphical tubular designs,

mini jacquards with a graphic look, heat-fixed crushed

effects, relief floral jacquard designs, mini jacquards

with a graphic look, relief floral jacquard.

Graphical color blocking, stripes, hand prints and

hand-stitched details.


Sparkling, stretch, metallic highlights, mirrored

buttons, dipped gold, bronze, and silver zippers,

rubber press buttons and waist belts, silver and gold

color coatings, tapes in silver and old threats.

Shapes and “must-haves”

Square and A-line shapes, oversized next to body-fit

items, luxury sportswear and sweat-items, hooded

luxury sweater, capes and poncho’s, stretch knitted

legging, straight low waist pants, pencil skirts, long

cardigans, fully fashion knitted blazer, quilted coat

and jacket, high waist accent belts.



The traditional English way of dressing, which became so inspirational all over

the world, aside from the importance it brought its garment industry for centuries.

A revival of past values, the knowledge and experience of true craftsmanship

in making a tailor-made garment and being innovative by translating existing

knowledge into creative modern products.

The luxury and soft essentials have a long-term relationship with their consumer,

which is generally speaking a love match and will guarantee a long wardrobe life.

A traditional /classical retro theme, with the experimental challenge of adding new

refined, creative and modern-inspired values.


Traditional with a modern approach, refined, structured and fitted, next to casual

and comfort, fluidity, luxury, softness.


Woven: mohair, Shetland, lambs-wool, boiled wool,

wool blends, silk and wool mixtures, all kinds of

tweeds, flannels, rib-cords, Donegal tweeds, velvet,

fake fur (fox and beaver).

Canvas, coated and waxed cottons, cotton,

linen and silk.

Knits: Shetland, lambs-wool, merino, mohair, alpaca,

cashmere, felted wool, wool-silk blends, wool jerseys,

natural rustic yarns.

Fleece, cotton rib jerseys, chenille, frotté, mélange

blends with blends in limitless combinations,

mercerized jerseys.


Classic wool with micro patterns, natural fibers

with original type cables, inventive varieties in

cables and ribs, all kind of checks from mini to

tartans, herringbone, hound’s tooth, bird’s eye,

Prince of Wales, Argyle, refined fill à fills,

new combinations in weaving techniques (lurex

with Shetland), overprinting, embroidered details.


Distinctive trimmings like piping, raw edge, “historic”

metal buttons, gold and bronze trimmings, toggles,

leather accents, unexpected artificial and fake fur

trimmings, organic multicolored feathers.

Shapes and “must- haves”

Long, knee-length and maxi cable design cardigans,

turtle neck basics in cable design, hand-knitted items,

feminine polo tops, luxury V-neck and over-printed

sweaters, refined light weight twin-sets, knitted and

woven mixed spencers, double-breasted knitted

items, knee-length blazers, original kilts and pleated

wrap skirts, cotton jodhpurs, silk jabots.

Monty coats, oversized cotton parkas, woolen capes,

college blazers, striped suits.

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